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I changed my blog title to “what if we’re still underground” because I can’t stop thinking about that line due to therearepeoplewho, but I would prefer something more self-referential. :/

if you leave a blog unattended it will deteriorate and the scent of rotten blogflesh will waft through the room every time you log in.

1109-83 replied to your post:

i don’t think i’ve seen the phallus so detailed in baroque art. (thinking… thinking…) what is the source of this clip? i’m curious now.

it’s from a greek film by Thanasis Rentzis called Electric Angel. I have no clue about the period authenticity of any of the images but there are many of them in the film.

idk about these witticisms but at least I’m not watching a woody allen movie, ya know?

April 16, 2013


I don’t have many followers, but I think it’s safe to say you guys are a quiet bunch. I love each and every one of you, unlike the sycophantic wankers who follow my other blogs.

the more things change the more things change

The Fly III: Swarmkin

I managed to avoid blogging about this for a long time but for a while this apartment was basically Tremors Except with Flies because someone did not heed my warning about leaving the sliding door open.

after using every trick conceivable besides getting a more vicious cat, and after being persistent in vigilance, it seems they are back.

the tagline will be to defeat the enemy he must become the enemy.

the witching hour draws near and I am prepared.